Caution! Villa Thai may cause addiction!

In the heart of Kadriorg there is something that can not be found anywhere else, and what keeps customers coming back time and time again.

It is an addictive and exotic mix of Thai and Indian cuisine that Villa Thai has served to customers since 2002. Those who have been here, have not been disapointed.

Our menu is prepared under the watchful and experienced eyes of highly qualified chefs from Nepal.

We have customised the rather spicy essence of Indian and Thai cuisine to be more suitable for the nordic taste. For those who wish to experience the full spicyness of that cuisine, have the option to add the spices themselves.

In Villa Thai customers can get a good meal for a reasonable price. In our restaurant, customers do not  have to worry about leaving with an empty stomach and an empty wallet. Prices of our main courses are set between 7-19EUR.  During workdays, we serve a special menu with prices between 2.9 – 4.5 EUR.
If you wish to enjoy our cuisine at home or in the office, then we must note that the prices are 10 % lower from our menu price. You can also order our delicacies for a predetermined time delivered to your home or office!

Just recently we have finished construction of our Elephant room, which has 16 seats on comfortable sofas. In Villa Thai, our accommadations also allow you the opportunity to host seminars, meetings, and training workshops, with all necessary seminary equipment provided for you.

Restaurant Villa Thai
Vilmsi st 6
Ph: 641 93 47
OPEN: Mo-Sa 12.00 – 23.00, Su 14.00 – 23.00